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Product Webinars

Product Webinars

Learn how CyberTools makes it easy for your patrons to find what they need - all in a single portal. CyberTools saves you time and showcases your resources: connect with an engaging webinar for Special and Academic Libraries. Select "Product Webinar" on contact form. We will email arrangements. Learn why CyberTools users are among the most satisfied, and successful!


Visit us at these conferences to learn more and share your ideas.

2018: May 19-21 MLA Atlanta, GA
2018: Oct 28-30 NAHSL Manchester, NH

Just before the doors open
Just before the doors open


Live & Virtual CyberTools for Libraries User Meetings run through spring and summer. All CyberTools clients are encouraged to participate. Learn about new product releases and plans for the future. Share your ideas and help us prioritize ongoing development projects.


We are continually enhancing product and service suite features in close partnership with our user community.

Since 2014, new updates are posted to our client-focused web site only. There continue to be substantive product updates every month for CyberTools users!

2014, Spring: CyberTools Offers Option to Embed A-Z Widgets Directly on Websites.
Individual, topical A-Z lists or the entire suite of A-Z lists can now be easily embedded directly on relevant web pages for a seamless, elegant look to promote easy access to all print, online and digital resources.

2013, December: CyberTools Partners with MLA to Award CEs for Product Training.
CyberTools clients who join free monthly Q&A Workshop webinars are now eligible for continuing education units via the Medical Library Association.

2013, Fall: Major New A-Z Update Release.
Increased flexibility, ease, and more automatic updating. New automatic-build lists for common requests such as biography and fiction. Includes Review option. A-Z list build capability in CyberTools is unsurpassed in the industry, driving new growth in client base.

2013, Spring: CyberTools Releases Extensive Training Webinar Recordings.
A large body of on-demand recordings help users with common tasks, step-by-step.

2012: Major Expansion of ERM/Electronic Resource Management Capabilities.
CyberTools now enables nearly all common online resources and subscriptions from content vendors and free resources to be included in the CyberTools catalog search. CyberTools provides automatic fixes for duplicates and most data flaws.

2011, Fall: New Citation Interface to EndNotes, RefWorks, Reference Manager, etc.

2011, Fall: New Integrated A to Z Listing Capability.
Click between online catalog and A-Z view. Create A-Z lists by subject, media type. All resources can be added to catalog and to A to Z in one easy step. Solves the problem of A to Z not being searchable, enhances usability for your patrons!

2011, July: CyberTools Releases Streamlined, Elegant New OPAC.

2010, February: CyberTools Launches Downloadable Training Content.
Implementation continues. Greater flexibility and enhanced accessibility for busy libraries!

2010, January: CyberTools Announces Strong (>10%) New-Client Growth, Stable Fees. Solid expansion of the CyberTools community continued in 2009 thanks in large part to the good word of users to their colleagues. This growth is particularly noteworthy during a challenging economic climate. An increasing number of new clients chose to migrate to CyberTools in 2009 from other systems. Meanwhile, CyberTools elects to keep its service fees stable again in 2010, marking a period of ten years during which CyberTools implemented only one price increase, even as it continues to expand its base product and services suite.

2009: CyberTools Announces No Price Increase As Services Expand.
CyberTools continues to actively expand its product and service suite while maintaining its commitment to stable pricing.

2008: CyberTools Releases ERM Module. Electronic Resource Management is included in base product suite at no additional fee. CyberTools continues to add popular e-resource and online subscription products to its online catalog search portal.

2008: CyberTools Libraries Now Number >300! Easy startup, feature-rich product, and responsive support are key reasons why our newest libraries tell us they joined the CyberTools community.

2007: CyberTools Begins Free Monthly Open-Forum Q&A Webinar Program for All Clients. These monthly question and answer sessions let clients bring their questions to CyberTools Support staff for step-by-step review. This becomes widely popular program among users as an easy, no-cost means to learning all that feature-rich CyberTools offers.

2006: Hosting Program Expands To Include Server Co-Location.
The data of hosted libraries is now more secure, with multiple backups in multiple secure locations, and more sophisticated backup power and Internet.

2006: Analytic Linkage, OpenURL, and Other Key Product Enhancements.
These and important cataloging and serials enhancements make CyberTools smarter and easier to use.

2006: CyberTools Training Programs Achieve MLA CEU Approval.
CyberTools is the only ILS provider authorized to award CEUs for its product training by the Medical Library Association.

2005: CyberTools for Libraries ILS Launches Web Training Program.
Librarians who have limited time and travel funding now have another training option: Web teleconference training. CyberTools continues to fill each class since it first began offering this alternative to its onsite and regional group sessions. Librarians can leave the session momentarily without disturbing the class, and entire library staff, even consortia, can train together cost-effectively. The CyberTools trainer provides sample exercises, and encourages questions for an engaging, interactive session.

2005: Fast & Easy Bib Retrieval, Free to Hosted Libraries.
The new interactive Z39.50 MARC Bib Import capability lets the user download multiple bibliographic records quickly from a target catalog such as the Library of Congress, OCLC, OhioLink, NLM, etc. Up to 99 records may be downloaded in a single session. Any catalog with a Z39.50 server may be selected for the download, expanding the user’s resources to most major academic libraries. The user can also enhance bibs using either an easy template of common fields, or with a comprehensive MARC editor.

2004: Users Rate CyberTools at The Very Top!
The July/August 2004 Annual Buyers Guide (Vol. 24, Issue 7) of Computers in Libraries identifies CyberTools for Libraries as one of the very highest-scoring providers among 26 Integrated Library Systems surveyed in two key areas: Overall Satisfaction and Customer Support. In this last year this CIL survey is conducted, CyberTools was one of only four vendors scoring an average rating of 9 or above on a scale of 1 to 10 in Customer Support, and one of only five vendors with an average rating of 8 or above in Overall Satisfaction.

2003: CyberTools OPAC Achieves Section 508 Compliance.
Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act requires access to electronic and information technology procured by Federal agencies. The CyberTools OPAC meets Technical Standards established in Subpart B, 1194.22, Web-based intranet and internet information and applications. For more information about accessibility standards, visit

2002: CyberTools Announces Regional Training Program.
CyberTools expands its Massachusetts-based training seminars with regional multi-day training seminars throughout the US. Programs emphasize practical, hands-on product context. 

2001: New Serials Management Module.
CyberTools for Libraries is pleased to announce the release of new Serials Management Module.

2000: CyberTools Deploys First Libraries via Hosted ILS.
CyberTools addresses the needs of busy librarians with managed software and server solutions and full web access for both online catalog patrons and staff functions. CyberTools provides hosted solution with all-inclusive pricing, eliminating server acquisition and maintenance costs for its libraries.

1998: CyberTools, Inc. Deploys CyberTools for Libraries.
Sourced in academic health sciences, CyberTools delivers its first library system.

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